Instead of packing up our suitcases it’s time to pack our office or school backpacks again in September. To help you transform your working desk into a cosy breakfast area we searched for the most beautiful morning must-haves.

1. It’s a wrap! This eco-friendly Abeego Wrapping Paper out of organic cotton, hemp, bees’ wax and jojoba oil keeps sandwiches, fruit and veggies fresh and helps you bring along nuts and muesli bars to school and work – all without any tin or plastic foil. Via

2. Nature’s candy: Even back when the word “superfoods” didn’t exist yet, blueberries were already packed with Vitamin C, E and many powerful antioxidants that boost our immune system and short time memory while containing only a tiny amount of calories. Snack on them pure or have some Blueberry Granola or some Crunchy Muesli with Blueberries and Apple to get ready for the day.

3. Crunchy Munchies: Our yummy Verival Organic Oat Crunchy is known to have really positive effects on your morning mood. Just pour a bit of milk or plant drink over the cookie-like Crunchy Clusters made out of organic oats and munch away.

Boost your morning mood with Verival Organic Oat Crunchy

Boost your morning mood with Verival Organic Oat Crunchy

4. Bring on the hot water: Everyone else might cook with water, too, but this chic vintage-style water kettle by Smeg makes prepping your porridge a pure delight & a feast for the eyes. Via soon.

5. Rise and shine: If you’re already in a shiny mood in the morning that might be because of this cute lamp by Pixoss Moss made out of wood and a dreamy blue lamp shade. Via

6. Wake up Call: You can’t really be mad at this super pretty Covent Garden Alarm Clock by Newgate when it wakes you up from your sleepy adventures. You could even just keep on dreaming when looking at the cute vintage design. Via Coggles.

7. Blue linings: The Goals Journal by kikki.K helps you define your goals and everything else you want to achieve while staying true to yourself. Features motivational quotes and enough space for your personal ideas and notes. Via Selfridges.

8. Travel light: this statement Sailor Bag by Franz Textilmanufaktur is a dream of blue skies and white clouds and has plenty of space for your phone, organiser, wallet and even your favourite breakfast.

Breakfast Ahoy! Sailorbag by © Franz Textilmanufaktur

Breakfast Ahoy! Sailorbag by © Franz Textilmanufaktur

9. Dear Paper Cup: no trees were cut down in the making of this glass cup by Joco Coffee Cup, no waste is being produced and your morning coffee or tea stays just at the right temperature. Thanks to the lid you won’t even spill a single drop! Via

10. Finger food for Breakfast: No time? You’re late? Well, that’s no excuse in the Verival World! Especially, when there’s the Good Morning Organic Energy Mix! The mix of roasted hazelnuts, coconut chips and cranberries is practically made to snack on right out of the bag and is also the perfect source of energy for a busy day ahead.

11. Helping Spoon: This statement spoon by Propaganda gives you a hand (Or should we say spoon?) while mixing your muesli, eating your porridge or simply while stirring your coffee. Via Amazon.

12. Zuperzozial Lunchbox: This lunch and breakfast box by Zuperzozial is just as natural as the food you transport in it. The box is made out of corn and bamboo fibre and offers enough space for anything your breakfast-loving heart desires. Via Avocado Store.

Always have your breakfast with you!  Breakfast Box by © Zuperzozial

Always have your breakfast with you! Breakfast Box by © Zuperzozial